Without any checklist, a competitor of this event has 15 minutes to correctly identify at least 30 discrepancies on the “bugged” airplane, while operating in a proper preflight flow. Note that any plane can be used, such as a Cessna 210 from the 2015 National SAFECON. Remember ATOMATOFFLAMES? ARROW? This event will make memorizing them worthwhile.


Ground Trainer

A competitor is given a pattern to study and fly in a simulator. There are altitude, airspeed, and heading changes. The competitor is scored based upon the accuracy of the pattern and how much he/she deviates in altitude, airspeed, and heading. 

If you started your instrument course here in Embry-Riddle, it is similar to those pattern ABC you first fly, just more complicated! 


CFI Event

Love teaching? This event requires competitors* to teach a certain maneuver, such as the Emergency Descent, to the judge. Competitors are graded based on how thorough their lesson is, and how prepared they are.

*Competitors must hold a CFI certificate to participate